Rescuing animals by reforming our nation’s animal shelters in all 50 states.

The Companion Animal Protection Act saves lives!
CAPA saves taxpayer money!
CAPA improves public health and safety!
CAPA is popular with voters!

Rescue Five-O is a three-part nationwide campaign to rescue animals from death in the shelters and pounds of all 50 states by reforming our nation’s broken animal shelter system: 1. Campaign for new leadership in local shelters, 2. Political advocacy at the local level, and 3. Legislative changes at the state and local level.


FL Moves to Save More Lives
FL Animal Rescue Act introduced.

MN Moves to End Convenience Killing
MN Companion Animal Protection Act to be introduced.

NYS Shelter Reform Introduced
AB7312A has been introduced and referred to the Agriculture Committee.

For Groups & Advocates:

1. New Leadership in Local Shelters
2. Local Political Advocacy
3. Legislation

For Legislators:

The Companion Animal Protection Act saves lives, saves taxpayer money, improves public health and safety, and is popular with voters.

Lawyers for the No Kill Advocacy Center and No Kill Nation are available to answer any questions and provide support.