In a national survey, 96% of Americans–almost every single person–said we have a moral obligation to protect animals and that we should have strong laws to do so. CAPA mandates the programs and services which have proven so successful at lifesaving in shelters which have implemented them; follows the only model that has actually created a No Kill community; and, focuses its effort on the very shelters that are doing the killing. As a result, it provides a framework for success unavailable from traditional legislative models such as punitive legislation aimed at the public or through counterproductive national efforts that legitimize the killing.

CAPA saves lives!

CAPA saves taxpayer money!

CAPA mandates collaboration!

CAPA protects public health & safety!

CAPA is good bipartisan legislation popular with voters!

For No Kill success to be widespread and long lasting, we must focus on institutionalizing No Kill by giving shelter animals the rights and protections afforded by law.

Every successful social movement results in legal protections that codify expected conduct and provide protection against future conduct that violates normative values.

We need to regulate shelters in the same way we regulate hospitals and other agencies which hold the power over life and death. The answer lies in passing and enforcing shelter reform legislation which mandates how a shelter must operate.